Core Engineered Solutions Aboveground ConVault Storage Tank

Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. integrated fuel storage systems that meet the highest safety standards. Our system expertise includes vehicle dispensing systems, emergency power & mission critical fueling systems, aviation fueling, marina fueling, waste oil, chemical storage and alternative fuels storage. Our capabilities range from providing pre-engineered systems for standard applications like above ground fuel storage tanks to complex large-scale systems. Core works with end users, engineers and project teams to provide systems design expertise and comprehensive support services. Our experts are up to date on the latest environmental regulations and fire codes so you don't have to be.


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Our Solutions: Fueling Systems and Safe Storage for Methanol at WWTP and Pump Stations

Loudoun County WWTP

Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. designs and builds systems to provide reliable fuel supply to emergency generators and boiler backup fueling at facilities such as Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Pump Stations and other facilities where power disruption is a critical consideration. Core also supplies systems for the storage and distribution of methanol used in the denitrification process.  Our systems are readily adaptable to multi-generator and / or multi-tank control requirements. Core works with consultants, engineers, contractors and end users to provide a full scope of services.  Read More >