Prevent Premature Fuel Degradation and Equipment Failure

DieselPURE Advanced Filtration System

Diesel Pure LogoThe removal of free-standing, saturated and emulsified water is critical to preventing premature fuel degradation and equipment failure. Emulsified (entrained) water is also the hardest factor to remove in ULSD and bio-blended ULSD. The DieselPure® filter has been proven to be highly effective at removing all water, including emulsified water, in ULSD and biodiesel blends.

Diesel Pure Advanced FiltrationProtect Your Valuable Fuel Storage Investment

Created specifically to work with the unique chemical properties of ultra-low sulphur Diesel and Biodiesel blends, the DieselPure® USLD/Bio-blend filter has a two stage single pass design which results in the capture of particulates down to 0.2 of a micron and 100% efficiency at removing emulsified water in ULSD and 96% in Biodiesel.

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Do You Need Help Fast?

Do You Need Help Fast?

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What's Happening In Your Tank?

83% of Diesel Tanks Show Corrosion

According to the EPA report on corrosion-influencing factors in diesel tanks, 83% of the diesel tanks inspected showed moderate to severe signs of corrosion. Results show that diesel tanks with cleaner, drier fuel are less likely to be associated with corrosion issues. With only 25% of owners reporting knowledge of corrosion prior to the research findings, one thing is clear—you need to know what’s going on inside your diesel fuel tanks. Diesel Pure helps increase your system life cycle by preventing corrosion in your fuel tank and internal engine.

DieselPure helps clean and remove:

  • Sludge
  • Particulates
  • Microbial growth
  • Free-standing and emulsified water