72 Hours of Runtime

Hospitals & BioResearch Facilities

Hospitals and BioResearch Facilities require critical power to support life safety and ongoing laboratory research. Emergency power fuel systems for medical centers are often characterized by generally large loads and regulations of “on-premise” fuel storage to support run time durations of up to 96 hours.

The demands of these facilities require large quantities of fuel be stored on site to service both the emergency power generators and boiler operations. Core goes beyond the storage of fuel and provides top of the line integrated fuel storage systems to handle the fuel transfer, control, monitoring and fuel filtration.

Typical System Components

  • Primary Storage Tank
  • Day Tanks
  • System Controls & Monitoring Equipment
  • Pump Sets & Filtration
  • SmartFill Remote Filling Stations
  • Piping Systems

The Value of Fuel Monitoring

The presence of microbes is the #1 cause of fuel-related emergency system failure for hospitals and mission-critical installations. Microbial activity and system failure can be prevented by:

  • Regularly testing fuel with approved third-party laboratories or on site testing protocols
  • Using a high quality fuel filtration system to remove free-standing/emulsified water and particulates
  • Periodically replacing fuel that has become stale due to lack of use in accordance with NFPA 110
  • Using engine manufacturer approved Biocide to ensure your fuel remains within engine specifications

Any facility that people rely upon during a critical time needs to have a method in place for microbial monitoring of its emergency fuel.

SafeSite Remote Cloud Monitoring System


Using Core’s SafeSite Remote Cloud Monitoring goes beyond monitoring fuel system alarms through typical means of building management (automation) systems and gives operators the ability to monitor your fuel system at their fingertips. Remote Cloud Monitoring system gives you access to your fuel system from anywhere. Easily access:

  • Fuel Levels
  • System and Device Alarms
  • Fuel Conditions
  • System and Service Records

Beyond your ability to monitor the fuel system, the SafeSite Remote Cloud Monitoring system gives our in-house technicians and engineers the ability to both monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that may arise throughout the lifespan of your fuel system.

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