Emergency Power & Mission Critical Fueling Systems

An emergency power system provides backup electrical power during power outages caused by events such as extreme weather situations or system failures. Generally, this emergency system is composed of generator(s), fuel storage, fuel transfer systems and other fuel specialties. Complex national and local codes must be considered in the design of each system. An important and often overlooked factor is the proper sizing of storage tanks to ensure that there is an adequate and efficient level of fuel available at all times.

Typical Components

  • Storage Tanks
  • Fuel System Controls
  • Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Fuel Filtration
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Systems
  • Fuel Monitoring & Leak Detection
  • Fuel Specialties


Mission Critical Fuel Transfer Systems

Core Engineered Solutions designs and builds highly reliable fuel supply systems for Mission Critical applications such as backup power facilities, data centers, institutional boiler supply, hospitals or any application requiring the highest degree of reliability. Our proprietary SafeSite Critical Mission Fuel Transfer Systems were designed specifically for use at these facilities where downtime is not an option.

Core has both the knowledge and experience needed to provide the most reliable Mission Critical fueling solutions in the most demanding environments to ensure your facilities power is never interrupted. Typical system components include:

  • Multiple Main Storage Tanks
  • Multiple Generator Day/Belly Tanks or Headers
  • Boiler Supply
  • Supply/Return Pump Control
  • Valve Control and Monitoring
  • Tank Level and Leak Monitoring
  • Remote Filling
  • Pipe and Sump Monitoring
  • Fuel Polishing


Emergency Power Fuel Oil Systems

Core Engineered Solutions designs and builds systems to provide reliable fuel supply for Standby Power applications. Our Safesite FOS (Fuel Oil System) is specifically designed for use in applications requiring standby power and keeps you in control of your system by maximizing the safety and reliability of your standby power. The systems are used at facilities nationwide such as telecommunications centers, data centers, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals/medical centers and internet service sites where emergency power is essential.

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