The US DOD Relies on ConVault

Core Engineered Solutions provided 20 ConVault storage tanks to supply fuel oil to the mechanical room boilers for Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) including at USCG Camp Humphries in South Korea (shown here).

Security and Reliability – Hardened Fuel Storage Systems

The US DOD requires the highest level of security and reliability in fuel storage systems to support military operations. The ConVault fuel storage system meets DOD Guidelines for Resistance to a Direct Fire Weapon “HIGH LEVEL” Threat and FEMA Explosive Blast Resistance Guidelines to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks. The ConVault tank also carries the UL752 ballistic security listing and has been tested to meet NATO and State Department requirements for protection from armor-piercing munitions. The ConVault UL2085 listing assures fire and environmental safety. The concrete vault design that provides these protections also delivers a lower life cycle cost when compared to steel exterior tanks. Models offered meet guidelines for Uniform Facilities Criteria for Fueling Facilities and UFGS Factory-Fabricated Storage Tanks and carry a 30-year warranty. There are over 5,000 ConVault fuel storage tanks at DOD facilities worldwide in 27 countries.

In the ROK alone, there are several hundred ConVault installations in service at:
  • USAG Humphreys
  • Kunsan AB
  • USAG Yongsan
  • Osan AB
  • USAG Daegu
  • Camp Red Cloud
  • Camp Bonifas
  • Camp Casey
  • Suwon AB
  • MCI Camp Mujuk

Core Engineered Solutions partners with UL Engineering (ULE) in ROK to offer complete fuel storage and transfer systems that feature ConVault tanks. ULE provides technical and support services that include design assistance for integrated systems, installation drawings and Revit 3D models.