Low Maintenance

Marina Fueling Systems

Core Engineered Solutions designs and furnishes Marina Fueling Systems that are flexible, adjustable, easy to install and fire-rated. With decades of experience – we ensure that your fueling system complies with all EPA, USCG and regional regulations.

Our UL-listed equipment meets all design, installation and operating codes – only using the highest quality components to ensure maximum safety and the longest lifecycle available. Our design team looks to the future and builds our system to last – accounting for all conditions such as rising sea levels, fluctuating lake levels and variable tide environments.

Marina Fueling System Components

  • Storage Tank
  • Level Monitoring and Leak Detection
  • Hurricane Hold Downs
  • Remote Filling Stations
  • Flexible Double Wall Piping
  • Dispensing and POS Systems

A Lower Cost of Ownership

Core recommends the UL2085 Protected ConVault Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) system for marina fueling. The durable and low maintenance concrete exterior finish makes the ConVault AST System the storage tank of choice for the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and commercial marinas near the ocean. We use stainless steel or powder coated fittings to protect against harsh environmental factors which lead to rust and require constant maintenance. Core marina fueling systems can be custom fit with dispensers and point of sale (POS) systems for servicing pleasure or commercial craft.

Flexible Double-wall Stainless Steel Pipe System

with Permanent Leak Detection Capability

Core offers a flexible double-wall stainless steel piping system that is designed for marine environments where tidal cycles require a flexible solution. The primary and secondary pipe are made of a corrugated stainless steel – allowing the pipe to be installed in a fashion to account for the continuous movement of the tide.

Core uses its proprietary vacuum-leak monitoring system to monitor the interstitial space of the flexible double-wall stainless steel piping system for immediate detection of leaks in either the primary or secondary pipe.

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