Factory Assembled Storage Tanks

FAST Systems

FAST Fuel Oil SystemFAST Systems are Factory Assembled Storage Tank Systems that are used for different applications such as dispensing and emergency power.

Our FAST systems are designed and fabricated as plug-and-play fuel oil systems including the pre-installation and testing of all equipment to minimize on-site installation costs. Our professional assembly and factory testing ensures your system works as intended, the first time. Systems are fully-customizable to best suit the requirements of your individual site.

Our technical team is readily available to support both the electrical and mechanical installations. After the system has been installed – our factory-certified technicians will complete the start-up, commissioning and training on your system to ensure proper installation, functionality and user knowledge.

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Insures Proper Installation

Save On-Site Labor Costs

Our FAST system design limits the responsibility of field installers to the electrical connections and mechanical work that cannot be factory-installed due to shipping and site layout constraints. All components are fabricated, plumbed and wired in the factory for testing and disassembled prior to shipment simplifying the entire fuel oil system installation. Our design team provides complete mechanical and electrical system drawings to help ensure that the field-installation is both compliant and functional.