Fuel Storage Systems Designed For

Data Centers & Communications Networks

Data centers and other communications facilities that provide data storage, backup and networking services require critical power infrastructure. Highly reliable and complex fuel systems are essential to assure uninterrupted power supply and near 100% uptime. These systems they often require integration with building management systems (BMS). Our solutions include multiple generator and storage tank fuel systems, monitoring, controls, and filtration

Typical System

  • Main Storage
  • Day Tanks
  • Integrated Master Controls
  • Duplex Pump Sets
  • Filtration Units
  • Fill Stations
  • Remote Monitoring

How Much Capacity Do You Need?

When Downtime is not an Option

For Data Centers a loss of power can bring catastrophe and a huge loss of revenue and reputation. Power outages can result in lost data, corrupt files and damaged equipment. As such, data centers require a backup system that is integrated directly into the power infrastructure to ensure that critical systems stay online even if the lights go out.

We have experience with mission-critical emergency power design for data centers across the US. We can provide you with system design and specification within 15 minutes that meet industry standard best practices.

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