Underground Mission Critical Fueling System for Tier 4 Data Center

For major data centers a loss of power supply means server downtime, dissatisfied customers and huge loss of revenue. A major Tier 4 Data Center on the East Coast called in Core Engineered Solutions to help prevent such a loss.

This mission critical system included two, 15,000 gallon double wall steel underground storage tanks and our unique systems verification test control panel. Each tank fed four 400 gallon double wall day tags which in turn fed four 2000 kW diesel generators. The date tanks and generators were located in a fire rated room within the data center. Each day tank was equipped with an individual control panel to direct fuel from the main storage tanks to the generators. The SVT panel includes emergency alarm functions, daytime controls, valves, filtration, and multiple pump controls into one unit.

The SVT panel and system design allowed to users to run a comprehensive real time systems verification test cycle of the entire feeling system. If a power loss event occurs during the test, the system automatically reverts to full operational status. In addition to equipment, Core provided system design drawing, system manufacturing, and procurement.