FEMA Fuel Vault
Split Aboveground Tank


Fleet & Vehicle Refueling Systems

Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. designs and builds vehicle/fleet dispensing fueling systems to meet every need. Our systems are designed for the safe storage of gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels and are available for aboveground and below-grade storage. Our SafeSite DSC (Dispensing System Controller) is specially designed to integrate and control all the components of a fuel dispensing system.

When possible we factory mount dispensers directly on most tank systems for easier installation. Top mounted dispensers are recommended on fuel tanks that are 1,000 gallons or less. For tanks that are 2,000 gallons and larger, side and end mounting brackets have been developed to ensure customer safety and ease of use. To meet the needs for fleet and retail fueling, Core offers commercial-grade dispensers for our fuel storage systems, as well as pre-engineered fuel island canopies. We also offer a wide variety of fuel management systems for both small and large fleet users.

  • Capacity from 250 - 30,000 Gallons
  • Fit for Gas, Diesel and Alternative Fuels
  • Factory Mounted Dispensers for Easy Installation

Dispensing Options

Core provides fuel dispensing systems for almost any type of fleet vehicle including cars, heavy equipment, trucks, buses, fire trucks, ambulances, golf carts, boats and helicopters. When possible dispensing systems are factory mounted to minimize on-site time and costs. Our systems accommodate a wide range of fueling speeds from 10 to as high as 500 gallons per minute


  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Jet A
  • Avgas

Monitor Your System From Anywhere

Fuel Management Systems (FMS)

Fuel Management Software

Core provides fuel management systems which allow you to stay on top of your daily operations and fuel usage from anywhere.  Hardware is compatible with most pump and meter types and is used for both fixed and mobile applications. The modular design allows for easy expansion if additional capacity is needed.

FMS software and dashboards provide in-depth views of day-to-day operations. You get predictive maintenance tools and automated reports which allow you to stay help you keep an eye on daily operations from your facility or your mobile device.

Ensure Compliance

Tank Monitoring Systems

Fuel monitoring systems include liquid level gauging, alarm systems, and leak detection sensors. With today’s complex environmental compliance issues, you must have a reliable system for monitoring your fuel. We offer products that provide simple tank level reporting to full tank farm leak detection, fuel quality detection, and self-reporting tank monitoring with point of sale (POS) integration and full compliance management. Flexible architecture that permits complete field configuration.

Turnkey DEF Solutions

DEF Storage & Dispensing Systems


Core provides DEF storage and dispensing systems for fleet vehicles including municipalities, transportation companies, schools and EMS agencies. Our turnkey Fleet Fueling Island-Friendly systems stand out from other similar systems in the marketplace. Because DEF freezes at 12˚F, it requires special insulation and heating considerations to ensure you can continue to service vehicles in the most extreme environments.

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