Project Information

Client: City of Oldsmar
Location: Oldsmar, FL
Project: Triple Compartment Fuel System

A growth in population the city of Oldsmar, FL, required an upgrade of its fleet fueling system that would accommodate a variety of vehicles while still maintaining a small footprint.


Core Engineered Solutions provided Oldsmar with a custom built triple compartment ConVault Aboveground Fueling System. The main tank was split into 1000, 2000 and 3000 gallon compartments designed to store unleaded, premium and diesel respectively. The system featured 3 separate dispensing systems as well as a fuel management system to help track vehicle history and monitor fuel consumption.. The close proximity of the tanks to the water was a major concern for the city. An environment in such close proximity to salt water will cause steel tanks to rust and corrode prematurely. ConVault tanks were chosen in part because they are encased in a low maintenance protective concrete vault that will not rust or corrode. The city of Oldsmar was able to reference Core’s GSA contract (GS07F-9110G) allowing them to streamline the procurement process and receive GSA pricing.