Project Information

Client: USMC – Camp Fuji
Location: Camp Fuji, Japan
Project: Vehicle Dispensing Systems

Camp Fuji, located at the base of Mount Fuji, Japan, was originally used as a military training area for a Samurai army over 800 years ago. Now as part of the Marine Corps Base Camp Butler complex, Camp Fuji’s mission is to support military training by US Forces. The USMC required secure fueling systems at the base to refuel a large fleet  of vehicles.


The Core project included three separate refueling stations with a total capacity of 24,000 gallons. Each station included a split 4000 gallon gas/diesel fueling system. ConVault storage tanks were used to ensure the safest system possible. ConVault tanks are surrounded by six inches of reinforced concrete, protecting both the primary and secondary containment. Each tank included: two twin hose high speed fuel dispensers, leak detection, remote fill system, hold down restraints and fuel management systems. Custom canopies were installed over each tank. The systems have given the Marine Corps added safety and environmental security. Camp Fuji has become a flagship fueling facility for the US Navy within the Pacific Rim.

Camp Fuji Dispensing