Project Information

Can I get a Pepsi with that That?

Client: PepsiCo
Project: Fuel Storage & Dispensing w/ Fire Suppression
Location: Westchester, NY

Core Engineered Solutions was tasked with helping design and install a multi-tank system for the landscaping division of a large Pepsi bottling, soft drink and beverage distributor in Westchester, NY. System included separate ConVault tanks for three products (two grades gas and diesel) to be in full compliance with local NYS regulations. They also required inventory management and accountability on all fuel being used by vehicle and user. NYS code required the use of fire suppression system and local county regulations required the system as built drawings to be stamped by PE.

Scope Of Work

Proper electrical installation was a concern for the end user. Core together with Petro Panels provided a simple system controller solution that provided compliance with local regulations and brings accountability to electrical infrastructure. This Controller also simplifies and insures proper installation.


  • Drawings
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Code & Permitting
  • SPCC Plan


  • Three 1,000 Gallon Tanks (Gasoline & Diesel)
  • Fuel Management
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Onsite Spill Kit
  • SPCC Plan
Pepsi Dispensing System
Pepsi Dispensing System