Emergency Power and Methanol Process Systems

Utilities & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Core helps design, supply and install systems used to store diesel fuel for emergency power systems at utilities and wastewater treatment plants across the country. Our systems are readily adaptable for use in multi-generator and/or multi-tank control designs. Core also furnishes systems for the storage and distribution of methanol used in the denitrification process.

Typical System Components

  • ConVault Aboveground Tanks (w/ Stainless Steel Fittings & Tank Lining)
  • Tank Gauging
  • Pump Sets & Controls
  • Flexible Piping Systems
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks

Meeting Stringent EPA Goals

Safest Possible Systems

We recommend concrete-encased UL2085 ConVault Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) at Wastewater and Water Treatment Facilities.  These Fire-Rated tanks, manufactured with stainless steel fittings, protect against the explosion hazards of methanol that can arise from sparking in traditional steel jacketed tanks, and help meet stringent EPA security guidelines for water treatment plants.

Flexible Double Wall Piping

Double Wall Stainless Steel BRUGG Flexwell Piping is utilized in Core systems
for WWTP and Pumping Station applications. BRUGG Piping saves significant
installation costs and provides ultimate reliability by reducing potential points of

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