Fuel Storage Systems Designed For

State & Local Government Installations

Core Engineered Solutions provides safe and compliant fuel storage and transfer systems used nationwide by state and local governments. We assist engineers with system requirements and design; provide technical support to local installation contractors; and work directly with the end-users to support there ongoing fueling operations.


  • Bus Depots and Maintenance Vehicle Refueling
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Public Safety and EMS Vehicle Dispensing
  • Boiler Fuel Oil Systems
  • Waste Oil Storage

State & Local Brochure

Statement of QualificationsWe have installed fuel storage systems at thousands of state, local, and municipal installations across North America so you can be sure your system will meet all state and local regulations.


Leveraging our GSA Contract

Our GSA contract can often be referenced by state and local governments under the Disaster Purchasing Program allowing states to avoid the costly bid processes and simplify procurement in an effort to facilitate their recovery and preparation from various disasters including major weather events and terrorism.

State & Local