Wall Street Heliport Aviation Fueling System

The Wall Street Heliport, located in lower Manhattan, is used for both tourist excursion flights and business air traffic. Due to increased demand, the Heliport required an extensive upgrade to its existing aviation fueling system. This was a particularly complex and difficult job due to New York’s stringent environmental and safety regulations (this heliport is located on the East River, very close to “Ground Zero”). In addition, heavy air traffic combined with the changing tides and waves coming from boats along the river made for challenging installation conditions.

Core was selected to conduct the upgrade of this highly visible Heliport based on our unique experience and partnerships in the combined areas of high security fuel storage, aviation fueling and double-wall flexible piping systems. Core supplied and installed a Jet Fuel Pumping and Filtration System (PFT) designed to unload and filter fuel (at up to 200 USGPM). The fuel is then stored in a 4,000 Gallon NYC approved ConVault Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) which includes stainless steel fittings, transition box, control panel and fire suppression system. ConVault aboveground storage tanks are encased in concrete and carry a UL standard 2085 protected tank listing.

The system required nearly 600 feet of pipe to connect to the dispensing systems located on the floating dock. Core used 2” double wall corrugated stainless steel primary and secondary piping to connect the remote dispensers. The inherent flexibility of the corrugated pipe compensates for changing tidal conditions without any fittings. The fuel is then delivered to helicopters via two separate remote dispensing systems which can refuel at 25-50 USGPM.