Hardened Protection and Security for Fuel Storage

ConVault UL 2085 & UL 752 Fuel Storage System

ConVault has never compromised on safely. That is why ConVault fuel tanks have been designed to surpass UL 2085 standards performance tests to meet today’s challenges for protecting life, property, and the environment. The ConVault tank provides protected secondary containment with seamless six-inch concrete vault design offering maximum protection against natural disasters, vehicle and projectile impact

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ConVault tank capacities range from 250 to 12,000 gallons. Systems are shipped complete with many accessories which minimize setup and additional on-site expenses. ConVault above ground tanks are self-contained and portable. This allows for tank relocation or resale as your business requirements change. No other tanks can match ConVault UL2085 double walled fuel tanks for safety and longevity.

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#1 Safety

Ballistics Protection & Blast Resistance

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Meets DoD Guidelines for Resistance to a Direct Fire Weapon “HIGH LEVEL” Threat

ConVault is the only fuel storage system to carry the UL 752 Security Listing (Levels 5, 6 and 8) for ballistic resistance. ConVault has also passed the ratings requirements for armor piercing munitions specified by a number of organizations where protection and safety are a vital concern:

  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 4
  • State Dept. (SD-STD-.02.01) Revision G
  • ASTM F-1233
  • Underwriter’s Laboratory Security Listing UL 752 (Level 9)

Convault Blast Analysis

Advanced Blast Effects Analysis (BEA)

A Blast Effects Analysis (BEA) designed to determine the inherent blast resistance of the ConVault design indicated that the tank withstood different threat scenarios based on FEMA guidelines to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks. The BEA investigated three explosions with high limit pressures:

  • Suitcase bomb (50 pound HE-TNT centered 5 feet from the tank)
  • Car bomb (500 pound HE-TNT centered 20 feet from the tank)
  • Vapor cloud explosion

#2 National & Local Compliance

UL 2085 rating meets EPA, NFPA and IFC Requirements

  • Carries UL 2085 Insulated/Secondary for Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)/Protected (the highest rating available for ASTs).
  • Meets the latest NFPA and IFC requirements for fuel storage
  • Certified by CARB for Phase I and II balanced vapor recovery, including methanol/ ethanol; EPA secondary containment requirements 40 CFR 112.7(c)

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#3 Reliability

Low Maintenance

A Lower Cost of Ownership

ConVault Aboveground Storage Tanks feature a low maintenance concrete exterior finish that will not rust or corrode. The competition’s steel finish requires constant maintenance to protect against corrosion. Over the lifetime of the tank (30 year warranty) ConVault tanks can save owners thousands of dollars in maintenance costs vs. traditional steel jacketed tanks.

Providing Added Value

Steel jacketed tanks require constant maintenance including sandblasting and repainting to prevent rust and corrosion. ConVault tanks are covered with a low maintenance concrete exterior in exposed aggregate, painted epoxy, Thorocoat or StoTM finish that will not rust or corrode. ConVault owners can realize valuable time savings as well as saving thousands in maintenance.