NASA Flies To The Forefront of Early Adopters by Reducing Petroleum Usage

NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC) was founded in 1917 as the nation’s first civilian aeronautics laboratory. Nearly 100 years later the LaRC now employes over 3,000 civil service and contract employees. These employee’s travel approximately 650K miles a year with fleet vehicles. To reduce petroleum usage LaRC relies almost exclusively on Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

To fuel these vehicles NASA called on Core Engineered Solutions to provided an E-85 vehicle fueling system which included an E-85 compatible dispenser, stage I & II vapor recovery, steps and handrails and a 6,000 Gallon ConVault™ Aboveground Storage tank. ConVault storage tanks are compatible with most alternative fuels and feature an innovative concrete encased design. Six inches of reinforced concrete surrounds both the primary and secondary containment of the tank providing NASA with maximum safety and environmental protection. To minimize on-site expenses, most accessories and some piping were pre-installed at the factory.

Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. provides environmentally compliant fuel storage and chemical storage systems that meet the highest safety standards and accommodate most forms of alternative fuels including Ethanol, E10, E85, Biodiesel, B10, B20, B50 and Methanol Blends. Our standard systems require little or no modification to accommodate most alternative fuels such as Biodiesel, Methanol and Ethanol & Ethanol blends such as E85. Learn more about our Alterative Fueling Systems.