Modular Aviation Fueling System Provides Otis ANGB w/ Clean Fuel (and Water)

Otis Air National Guard Base (ANGB) is located within the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) in the upper western portion of Cape Cod. Throughout the years, operations at Otis ANGB have included the use of petroleum products and other hazardous materials such as fuels, motor oils, and cleaning solvents and the generation of associated wastes. It was common procedure at Otis to dispose of such wastes in landfills, drywells, sumps, and the sewage treatment plant (consistent with industrial procedure at the time). Spills and leaks occasionally occurred. These activities had a serious impact on the Upper Cape’s groundwater resources including an aquifer that provides drinking water for 200,000 year-round and 500,000 seasonal residents of Cape Cod. So when Otis ANGB personnel noticed an infiltration of precipitation and condensation to their JP-8 bulk fuel storage tanks they reacted swiftly.

For a solution, Otis ANGB called on Core Engineered Solutions to provide and install a custom JP-8 modular fueling system which featured (2) 15,000 gallon UL2085 above ground storage tanks w/ JP-8 compatible tank liners. The system also included a JP-8 pump and filtration system (which off-loads tankers into storage at 200 USGPM and recirculates / filters the product) and a compatible truck loading and unloading module. Core also provided and installed a UL 142 Waste Oil tank and all system accessories which included; shutoff valves, vent packages, tank gauging systems and leak sensors.

Additional services included piping installation, electrical, drawings, submittals, documentation and startup. To complete this turnkey design/build project Core partnered with a local 8A contractor. The finished project is an environmentally safe, compliant and efficient system which will provide added protection for the people and natural resources in western Cape Cod.