FLETC Fleet Dispensing System

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) provides federal law enforcement training for 75 Partner Organizations (agencies) primarily at four domestic facilities located at Glynco, Ga; Artesia, N. Mex.; Charleston, S.C.; and Cheltenham, Md. Given the post-terrorist attack security environment, coupled with the increased demand for training, FLETC needed to increase capacity at many of their training centers across the southeast.

Core was called on to help provide systems capable of refueling the multitude of vehicles used at the facilities. Vehicles included cars, buses, all-terrain vehicles and limousines and required a flexible high-capacity fueling system to refuel quickly. To meet this challenge Core install Dual Pumping systems with separate field management systems to track vehicle history and monitor fuel consumption. Because of the high traffic at the refueling facility, FLETC chose to install above ground storage tanks covered with 6 inches of monolithic, reinforced concrete to insure maximum protection against collisions. To protect the system from the elements Core installed solar powered lighted canopy as well as a site pad, driving mat and containment berm.