Fuel Oil Systems

Our fuel oil systems provide storage, transfer, offloading and treatment of fuel oils. Systems typically include main tanks, pump sets, day tanks, flow control manifolds, filtration (polishing) systems and fuel oil handling accessories. These systems are often found in data centers, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants and various governmental institutions.

Fuel Oil System Resources

Do You Need Help Fast?

Do You Need Help Fast?

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Aboveground or Below Grade

Primary Storage Tanks

Core provides main fuel storage tanks in capacities from 25 up to 40,000 gallons both above and below grade to meet the requirements and regulations of your site. We design our tanks to meet both the industry standards UL-142, UL-2085, UL-1746 and the requirements of the federal, state and local regulators. Not sure which tank is right for you? We can help with a FASTPlan.

Our tanks are shipped as systems – complete with all of the accessories required for your project, including pumps, valves, containment systems, gauging, leak detection and other control devices to minimize the setup and additional on-site expenses.

Factory Assembled with:
  • System Controls & Monitoring Equipment
  • Pump Sets & Filtration
  • SmartFill Remote Filling Stations
  • Piping Systems

Fuel Oil Day Tank Systems

Day Tank Systems

Core provides fuel oil day tanks to meet the specific requirements of your facility. We offer both standard and custom fuel oil day tank sizes, shapes and dimensions as we understand each site is different. Not seeing a day tank that will work for your site – give our design team a call.

Our fuel oil day tank systems are designed as pre-assembled systems to ensure quality and accuracy. Our day tank systems integrate all pumps, filtration, valves, ventilation, gauging, leak detection and other control devices onto a simple tank skid consolidating the equipment footprint, simplifying the operators-interface and minimizing the onsite installation.

(CMFTS) Critical Mission Fuel Storage Transfer Systems

Fuel Transfer & Monitoring Systems

Our CMFTS fuel transfer and monitoring system is the most robust and sophisticated control system for fuel transfer – designed for true mission critical applications where failure is not an option.

The CMFTS platform is designed and driven by the main control panel which is expandable to handle all of the tanks, pumps, gauging, leak detection and control devices at your facility. The CMFTS platform is driven by our industry-standard PLC and HMI components, but does not rely on these devices and can be controlled entirely through relay-logic in the event of failure.

Key system features include:
  • Automatic & manual fuel transfers
  • Automatic & manual fuel polishing
  • Continuous monitoring of all leak & level devices
  • Vacuum monitoring
  • Remote cloud-based monitoring of entire system

Fuel Oil Control and Power Distribution Systems (FOC)

Fuel Oil Control Systems

Our FOC is the standard for emergency power and standby power systems or boiler feed applications. The FOC platform intelligently integrates the power distribution for fuel transfer, filtration, tank gauging and leak detection, control devices and vacuum monitoring of fuel oil piping.

The standard FOC will service one main fuel storage tank and up to two day/belly tanks with return pumps or boiler feed loops. Upgraded options to the standard FOC design are available upon request.

Smartfill Remote Filling Stations

Remote Fill Port Systems

Our SmartFill Automatic Fuel Tank Fill Systems are designed for applications where the delivery vehicle is unable to fill the storage tank due to gravity or capacity limitations or the facility is seeking to fill multiple storage tanks from a common fill connection. The systems are designed as either passive systems to simply control the delivery of product to storage tank(s) or equipped with transfer pumps to move the product from the delivery vehicle to the storage tank(s).

The SmartFill Systems are equipped with controls, grounding/dead man devices, spill containment, redundant level monitoring and overfill prevention to ensure the safety and reliability during the fill process.

SafeSite DPS

Fuel Transfer & Pump Systems

Our Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Sets (DPS) are designed to be controlled by either our CMFTS or FOC control panel and intelligently integrate all the fuel system components onto one skid – saving space and simplifying the operator-interface.

Fuel Oil Transfer Pumps: The DPS is designed using industry-standard UL-343 pumps ranging from 20 GPH to 1200 GPH and are available at higher flow rates as requested.

Variable Frequency Drives: The DPS is available with variable frequency drives to allow for adjustable motor speeds to match output requirements for efficient operation and create an expandable design for future changes to your system.

Vacuum Monitoring: The DPS is available with an integral vacuum monitoring system for testing and monitoring of the interstitial space of double wall pipes or tanks.

Integrated Filtration: The DPS is available with an integral fuel oil filtration system either utilizing a standard ASTM D975 filter or the DieselPure SAE J1488 Version 2010.10 technology.

Safesite Fuel Oil Filtration Systems

Core Engineered Solutions designs and manufactures Fuel Oil Filtration Systems to meet every customers needs. Every filtration system that Core offers is the most compact and efficient design available on the market today, ensuring the fuel that goes into your vehicle or engine is reliable and clean. Each system is factory-programmed to perform for your facility, automating the process of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of your fuel storage system. The SafeSite Fuel Oil Filtration is available in a variety of options –dedicated fuel oil filtration, integrated with your fuel oil pump skid or dispensing units, and customized to meet your facilities specific needs.

The standard SafeSite Fuel Oil Filtration Systems include:

  • Filtration Media Ensuring the Fuel Complies with ASTM D975
  • Particulate and Water Removal (1-Micron)
  • Factory-Installed Automated and Manual Controls with Touchscreen and Hand-Off-Auto Pump Controls
  • Flow Rates Between 120 and 1500 GPH
  • Powder-Coated or Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Multi-Tank Options


Every fuel oil systems is vulnerable to the surrounding environmental factors and fuel that is delivered. Water and micro-biological activity may be present when the fuel is delivered to your site or will work there way into your tank eventually. Core Engineered Solutions knows this and offers solutions for every facility to ensure that your vehicle, engine and entire system is protected – delivering industry quality and specified fuel when needed.

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