Flexible Stainless Steel Pipe System w/ Permanent Leak Detection

Monitored Double Wall Piping System

Brugg Flexwell HL

Our SafeSite Flexible Double-Wall Piping System is constructed using 316L stainless steel for both the primary and secondary piping with an LDPE jacket for additional protection. The piping system is listed in accordance with UL-971A and UL-1369 for underground and aboveground piping systems, respectively. Nominal pipe sizes from ½” (½” ID) to 3” (3.9” ID) to fit every fueling application.

Piping System Meets or Exceeds:

  • Highest standards for pipe used in the transference of flammable and combustible petroleum products both above and below grade.
  • Highest flow rates
  • Highest flexibility
  • Fire rated to 1700°F


Flexible piping with unmatched strength. Corrugated stainless steel (316L) with seamless design and polyethylene jacket for corrosion protection. Operating pressure up to 240 PSIG.


Corrugated design provides excellent impact resistance plus a high degree of flexibility. With our SafeSite Leak Monitoring System (LMS) the piping system does not require a pitched design to a low-point containment system like traditional piping technology as the vacuum of our monitoring system will capture leaks in both the primary & secondary regardless of orientation.


No sumps required for transitioning pipe from below to above grade. Manufactured in factory lengths up to 3,000ft. Pipe coils and drums cut to project specific length reduce installation time of field-fabricating pipe from weeks or months to hours or days. No special tools are needed for installation.

Monitored DW Piping Resources

Do You Need Help Fast?

Do You Need Help Fast?

Are you a facility owner, engineer or contractor in need of help fast. Our FAST Plan provides deliverables for a complete fuel system installation in as little as one phone call.

Minimizes On-Site Expenses vs. Welded Pipe

Easy Installation

Our flexible double walled stainless steel piping system is easy to install with significant cost savings compared to pipe welded on-site.

  • “Endless” Strength – Higher Quality (316L Stainless Steel)
  • Flexibility – Continuous Runs Eliminates Joints and “Hot Work”
  • Long Lasting – PE Casing for Corrosion Protection and Stainless Steel Construction Give You a Pipe Built to Last
  • Fire Rated – Higher Inherent Fire Rating of Stainless Steel Gives Regulators Confidence with BRUGG Piping and Allows Installation in Certain Jurisdictions with 2-Hour Fire Rated Sheet Rock in lieu of 4” Concrete or Masonry Shaft

According to an independent, third-party test “the performance of the BRUGG Flexwell-HL piping system (surviving a two hour fire test with a final temperature of 1,340°F with no damage) was quite remarkable, considering its light weight and flexibility.”

SafeSite (LMS) Fuel System Controls

Leak Monitoring System

Our monitored double wall piping solution includes our proprietary SafeSiteTM Leak Monitoring System (LMS). Core LMS is designed to automatically test the interstitial space of double wall pipes and tanks utilizing pressure or vacuum. It bases its results on programmable set points determined specifically for your project.