Howard Hughes Medical Institute Emergency Power System w/ Control System

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is the second-best endowed medical research foundation in the world. As a part of a site expansion, core updated the existing fuel oil control and power distribution system and expanded the existing 5,000 gallon UL 2085 ConVault system to 10,000 gallon system to support the onsite conference center hotel.

Design, furnish and install new 5K CVT in support of existing 5K CVT. New Fuel Oil Control and Power Distribution Systems (FOC-FOS) for submersible supply pumps, recirculation filtration loop, day tank supply with return pump installed on existing 5k CVT. DW SS flexible interconnecting piping , above and below grade, installed between new AST and existing AST.

Our installed Fuel Oil Control and Power Distribution Systems (FOC) is the standard for emergency power and standby power systems or boiler feed applications. FOC design at Howard Hughes included Modbus output to BMS.