Exceptional FAST Track Methods Get You Up and Running On Time and On Budget

Facility owners, engineers and contractors do business with Core Engineered Solutions because we design, furnish and install fueling storage & transfer systems that are built for the highest degrees of safety, compliance with all regulations and reliable operation, whatever the application. They work with Core, rather than other companies, because we have the unique ability to offer FAST Plan deliverables for a complete fuel system installation in as little as one phone call. You get all of the following:

  • Budget/quote
  • System schematics
  • Specifications

We pride ourselves on giving you uncommon responsiveness and expertise: getting you the valuable information and answers you need, when you need them. Our compliance experts are up-to-date on the latest environmental regulations and fire codes so you don’t have to be. When you have questions regarding equipment options, unique design plans to fit your requirements or facility/budget estimates to secure funding, Core has the answers.

We provide the full range of individual components for any fuel system from storage and transfer to controls and accessories, but we specialize in complete FAST Systems (Factory-Assembled Storage Tanks) which are pre-engineered, fully assembled fuel storage and supply systems delivered complete to the site. This process reduces labor costs, increases efficiency, and ensures the highest quality assurance from concept to completion.



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