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Core has years of experience installing fuel systems in New York City—we are the experts in fuel systems for high rise buildings. We stay up-to-date with NYC regulatory compliance. In addition to fuel tanks, our integrated fuel system products include the following:

Emergency Power & Boiler Applications

This pre-engineered product integrates power distribution, fuel transfer, tank monitoring, and fuel polishing. The SafeSite FOC System starts as a power distribution panel and then intelligently integrates fuel system monitoring and pump control functions into one simple automated package.

Fuel Filtration Powered by DieselPure®

The removal of free-standing, saturated and emulsified water is critical to preventing premature fuel degradation and equipment failure. Created specifically to address the unique chemical properties of ultra-low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel blends, the DieselPure filter has a two-stage single pass design.

Flexible, Double-Wall Piping with Leak Detection

Specifically designed for hazardous fuels and gasses, there is no better pipe system when it comes to below-grade and aboveground tank fueling and marina fuel piping. Our Brugg pipe system is made of corrugated stainless steel primary and secondary pipes with reinforcement tape in the interstitial space.

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