Core Provides Upgrades to Chemical Bulk Storage & Transfer Facility

Hovione’s New Jersey Manufacturing Plant and R&D Center provides process development and small volume API manufacturing supporting the pharmaceutical industry.

Core was integral to the design and supply of the upgrades to the Chemical Bulk Storage and Transfer facility for use in Hovione’s pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as research and development processes. Core provided two 12,000-gallon triple-wall, dual compartment UL2085 Fireguard storage tanks for the storage of Organic Flammable Waste, Aqueous Waste, Fresh and Recovered Acetone. The tanks were outfitted with 2-inches of pour foam insulation to help maintain the temperature of the product inside of the tanks and a 316 stainless steel primary/internal components to protect against the corrosive nature of the products being stored.

Beyond the storage tanks, Core designed and provided the monitoring system for compatibility with the products stored; a remote filling system with ground and dead-man functionality for safe delivery/removal of products; and specialty venting, inerting and condensing equipment to safely vent the storage tanks, minimize vapor build up in the empty spacing in the tanks as well as minimize the evaporation of product during peak temperature seasons.

Core also provided the hazardous materials storage buildings used at this site, which were designed as double-wall two hour fired rated units with two-tiers for 96 drum storage and integral containment. The units were outfitted with fire suppression systems, explosion proof heating and air conditioning systems as well as mechanical ventilation for safe storage, entrance and use of the various chemical products stored at the facility.