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Fuel is particularly vulnerable to water contamination during transport and storage. And, once you have water in your fuel system, you are vulnerable to an invasion of microorganisms. Once established, they entrench themselves in a thick layer of slimy deposits and create a number of problems including clogged fuel filters and fuel injectors, hazy fuel, leaking tanks, corrosion and increased service calls and complaints. However, these problems can easily be avoided.

The Solution: Microbicide

Most of the problems associated with microbial attack can be easily avoided. All it requires is two simple elements:

  • Drain water frequently. Removing water robs the microorganisms of the single most important element for growth
  • Use FQS 1.5 Microbicide to treat the fuel system

Microbicide can fully eradicate microbial populations in fuel systems in as little as 8 hours.  It’s a quick and inexpensive way to protect the valuable investment you have in your fuel storage system and now you can purchase it in our online marketplace.