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Tritium Launches Software Update for RT50 Chargers to Unlock Plug and Charge Capabilities

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Coming off a year that proved to be pivotal for the electric mobility industry, Tritium has launched a new software update for their RT50 DC fast chargers, enabling Plug and Charge technology globally. The update allows an electric vehicle (EV) that supports Plug and Charge and Tritium’s RT50 chargers to communicate seamlessly and authorise payments directly from the driver’s account without needing a card or RFID tag.

“Tritium committed to bringing the latest DC fast charging technology to our entire product line, whether they are brand new chargers or already in the ground. This latest software update improves customer experience across the board with seamless and secure payment options available through Plug and Charge,” said Tritium’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder James Kennedy. “This technology makes EV charging as easy as plugging in a phone.”

Plug and Charge technology promises to reshape the customer experience for the driver and enable the once-siloed approach to charging payments to be broken down, giving the most convenient experience for the EV driver.

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